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This might be the single best thing you’ve seen all year...

Dear Future Agency Owner
From: The Desk of Jeff “My Desk Goes Up And Down Too” Miller
Re: Welcome

You did it. 
Look at what just happened here.

That Chain Of Events Where You Made The Right Decisions At The Right Time - Tells Me Something About You

That something is that you’re not just another curious tire-kicker who’s dabbling with the idea of running a successful digital agency.

No, that tells me that you’re not only serious…

That you’re not only committed to this.

But that you’re invested in this.

You are invested in the success of your agency

--->>Your Next Campaign Might Just Make Or Break Your Agency <<---

Here’s the problem

Your sitting there, learning doing, and then suddenly out of no where…

A little devil on your shoulders pops up and says…

…what if

What if the ads are wrong, what if the tech is wrong, what if the the soap opera sequences aren’t written correctly, what about my welcome texts or sneaky survey…?

Am I even doing sneaky surveys…?

(bet you didn’t know about half those right?)

There’s a long list of things that have to go right to make your campaign work and a long list of things that could go wrong to ruin it…

Maybe just maybe one them breaks,
Maybe one isn’t done correctly.
Maybe one just needs a slight adjustment.

But you simply DON’T KNOW what you DON’T KNOW.

And then poof, your campaign goes live, it doesn’t perform, and now you’ve got an angry clients.

And there goes your chance.

And even worse…you didnt figure out what was wrong. Only that you got fired.

And then you’ll always wonder if your going to make the same mistake again next month.

What you have right now is a 1000 courses, 1000s of YouTube channels and you still have no damn idea what to do

But what you need is someone to review your campaign, tell you what to fix, and then have you go do it.

If you had that, you’d be able to know what’s broken BEFORE it goes live or at least have the CONFIDENCE to talk with a client knowing that you’ve got a team covering your back.

And chances are you’ve been wondering

What am I missing

Is it me?
Whats my blind spot
Can anyone simply help me?


What if you had direct access to coaches that have worked with 100s of agencies, reviews thousands of campaigns, and can tell you directly what to fix, adjust change

So your not…

Freaking out
Having launch anxiety
Non-confident with your CURRENT 

Or at the very least can approach a client confidently knowing that you’ve got backup

If you could have a call multiple times a week to solve those problems, could you finally move forward, land clients with confidence, and get a campaign that just simply works?

If that’s the case, this is meant for you

Ya see

We have a twice a week group call where me and my team do exactly that

We get on a zoom, do a screen share, people ask a question, and we answer it right then and there. 

We tell them what to fix.

Its an invite only group zoom call.

And as long as you play by the rules, well invite you too.

That’s it

Simple huh?

Like I said before, this might be the single best thing you’ve seen all year.


It might be the thing you’ve been missing this whole time

Now when we were thinking of this the first thing I thought of is….

“if I were buying it, what would I want…?’

Honestly, I wasn’t quite sure but I knew what I didn’t want.

I didn’t want a long term thing
I didn’t want to join a group that was pure chaos
I wanted a way to actually get my stuff looked at
I wanted an easy way to cancel if I didn’t want it anymore

So that’s what I built.

So here’s my offer. Right here and right now.

Twice a week me or my member of my team will have a group call where you can come on and get your campaign reviewed

It’ll be you a small group of other people

No long term agreement

All you have to do is

– Show up
– Give us the information about the campaign before you come on
– And if you want to cancel, tell us 14 days beforehand

All for one $1 for the first week and then $97 a week after that

So if that’s up your alley, click the button below and I’ll see you there